I Want Help and Resources for my Clutter

Are the number of items in your home causing distress or difficulty using the rooms in your home?  Do they pose a health and safety concern for those living in or near your home?  Are you overwhelmed by decisions on what to keep or let go?  There are many resources available to assist with understanding hoarding disorder and help is available.

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  • Buried in Treasures, 2nd Edition.  David F Tolin, Randy O. Frost, and Gail Steketee, 2014
  • Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things Randy O Frost and Gail Steketee, 2011
  • Making Space Clutter Free, Tracy McCubbin, 2019
  • Make Space for Happiness: How to stop attracting clutter and State Magnetizing the Life You Want, Tracy Mccubbin
  • Strategies to Acquire Less Stuff (e-book), Diane Gambrel, click here
"Buried in Treasures" book cover

I have questions about Animal Hoarding

Animal “hoarding” is when a person is housing more animals than they can adequately and appropriately care for.  Minimal standards for care and needs of the animal are not met related to their nutrition, sanitation, shelter, and/or veterinary care. There may be several reasons why someone begins to accumulate animals and it may be incredibly difficult for someone to part with an animal. 

If you need assistance or help with caring for your pets and animals in Minnesota please reach out to the Animal Humane Society Pet Helpline at 952-HELP-PET (952-435-7738).  More information is available on their website:  Animal Humane Society

Additional information on animal hoarding is also available at the ASPCA website: ASPCA