Minnesota Hoarding Task Force

We are an all volunteer group of individuals and professionals who work in various fields or have a personal interest in hoarding. We welcome others to join us at monthly education and business meetings, where we network, learn from each other, and move forward on our mission to support all in Minnesota who are affected by hoarding.



Our mission is to support any person, family, friend or agency in Minnesota affected by hoarding through education, networking and connection to resources while promoting public health and safety.

What Does the Task Force Do?
We educate the public and families about what hoarding is and is not. We would like to hear about community events that we can participate in with either a short presentation or by hosting a table with information to share.
We respond to requests for help with hoarding situations. The Minnesota Hoarding Task Force does not offer services. Instead, we use our expertise and connections to share information and options to be considered. If you have a question about a hoarding situation, contact us by phone, email, or on our Facebook page. We keep details of such situations confidential.

We welcome opportunities throughout Minnesota to share information about hoarding behaviors and hoarding disorder. As a mental illness, hoarding has been misunderstood and stigmatized for far too long.

Senior building in Brooklyn Center

Senior Expo in Anoka County, city of Ramsey

We are not always a serious bunch.

St Louis Park Community Event.

Every year, the task force asks the governor of MN to declare September “Hoarding Awareness Month.

MNHTF Monthly Public Education + Business Meetings are held at rotating locations in the metro area, and include the option to join by phone or computer. Meetings are open to the public.

Past Events

The MN Hoarding Task Force has led or participated in a variety of events over the last several years. Many volunteers have generously donated their time and skills at community events, including safety days, educational forums for community members and professional groups. We have collaborated with groups like NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), The Elder Justice Center, First Responders, Cities and Counties, and more.
We have also enjoyed fundraising with shredding events in our partnership with #ShredRight4Good, Summit Investment Advisors, Professional Consultants, and Junk Masters.

We look forward to many more ways to connect with and serve this community.

Minnesota State Fair, where we met hundreds of fair-goers

Our group walks with NAMI. By doing so, MNHTF raises awareness of hoarding disorder as a mental illness.


The task force partnered with #ShredRight4Good to raise funds for the Task Force.

We are building an extensive Resource Directory in order to share lists of existing community services. We are working to include more categories and more situations for which help already exists. 

Vision: We envision communities that implement best practices to support those affected by hoarding where individuals are supported with sustainable options while being treated with dignity and respect.